Applied Computational Intelligence Laboratory | Cătălin V. Rusu | TINS

The Applied Computational Intelligence Lab

In a nutshell our mission is to understand how artificial neural systems can reproduce the rich information processing and self-organizational capabilities displayed by realistic cortical microcircuits and to understand how input is represented by the spatio-temporal patterns of activity observed in the collective interactions between simple neural elements. We achieve this through computational modeling of large-scale biologically inspired microcircuits and validation with data gathered in physiological experiments. The pursuit of studying such basic principles of how neural information is processed can lead to complex biologically inspired systems with essential features such as autonomy and adaptability. Applications of such systems include distributed sensor networks, robotic systems, smart grids, assisted living, smart cities and so on.

The lab focuses along several directions:

  • Modeling large-scale biologically inspired microcircuits;

  • Data mining and knowledge discovery;

  • Probabilistic planning and reinforcement learning;

  • Affective Computing;

  • Information representation and Big Data;

  • Bioengineering.
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